Beer Style – Kvass

kvass beer

Bread and beer have quite a bit in common. Take grains for example, it would be pretty hard to make bread without some form of grain to make the flower just like it would be nearly impossible to make beer without malt. Bread and beer are both notoriously reliant on yeast for their finished products, […]

Stone Brewing to Release Green Tea IPA Collaboration


Stone Brewing Co. located in Escondido, CA is teaming up once again with Ishii Brewing Co. from Guam and Baird Brewing Company in Japan to re-release a beer that was to be brewed only once, but thanks to the love it received, the collaboration has been renewed and as a result, we get to enjoy […]

The Anatomy of a Hop


Hops are amazing things. These little cone-shaped flowers give beer it’s bitter taste as well as a huge range of aromas and tastes. The hops we use for beer are actually the female flowers of  the hop plant, Humulus lupulus. Hops were originally used more for their antibacterial purposes than solely for their taste, but this amazing little […]

Stone Brewing Co. Moving East With Planned Richmond, VA Brewery

stone brewing virginia

Looks like Stone Brewing Co. is making the jump from the West Coast to the East with a planned brewery in Richmond, VA. The Escondido-based brewer plans to spend $74 million to build the brewery and support buildings. This move will greatly increase the availability of Stone beers not only on the East Coast, but around the country […]

The Bountiful Brewers of the United States

breweries in the united states

There’s no doubt that craft brewing has blown up across the United States, with more than 4,500 brewery licenses issued to date there’s no knowing how large this number will get just a year from now. While you should know about your local breweries, it can sometimes be difficult to know what breweries are in other […]

Victory Beer Now Available in Nevada


One of Pennsylvania’s most successful breweries is making the jump into Nevada, making this the 35th state the Downingtown, PA brewery has sold their beers in. Those living in and visiting Nevada, including Las Vegas, can expect to see Golden Monkey, DirtWolf, Prima Pils and all the delicious whole-flower hopped seasonal and core beers that Victory […]