Chris White Yeast Podcast

Welcome to Session 21 of the Craft Beer Showdown. It’s been a few months since I published a episode and for that I do apologize for the delay. There was a sudden death in early January. After all that I just didn’t feel like doing a lot with my site and was a little more than depressed so things got put on hold.

Chris White of White Labs

But that’s no way to be so I’m back doing what I love, talking to brewers and others in the craft beer world. In this episode I was lucky enough to talk to Chris White, the founder of White Labs. Fermentation is one of the most important factors in brewing and can make or break your beer. 

Well, enough talking from me. I’m really excited to get this episode out, and it feels good to be back in the swing of things again. Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week 2014 is coming up very quickly, so it’s going to be a lot of fun and a lot of talking about beer. Enjoy the episode and expect the next one very soon.




Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week 2014.

 Note: This post is in regard to Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week. Since I’m a proud Pittsburgh native (well, the suburbs anyway) this is a big deal to me. As well as enjoying the week I also serve as the treasurer for the Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week/Alliance and am the webmaster/designer for the site. There’ll be a […]

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Vintage Beer Advertisements

While I was looking for some pictures for new post headers I came across some pretty interesting vintage beer ads. After looking through a few pages of these I learned three things from vintage beer ads: Beer is manly You need to “Pick up a pair” of Bud 6-packs Vintage ads actually cared about proper […]

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CBA 020 – 7 Tips For Home Brewing Success With Andy

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Welcome to session 20 of the Craft Beer Showdown Podcast. In this episode I sat down again with my good friend Andy to pick his brain about some home brewing tips, tricks, and what he considers the top seven tips for home brewing success. I first talked to Andy about home brewing back in session […]

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CBA 016 – Randy Mosher

Welcome to session number 16 of the Craft Beer Showdown Podcast. You might notice this episode is a little out of order since we just finished session 19 with Troegs Brewing. Session 16 is both my favorite and most difficult Podcast to date. Technical difficulties plagued us throughout this episode and actually ended with Randy’s […]

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CBA 019 – Mike Watters of Troegs Brewing Co.

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Welcome to session 19 of the Craft Beer Showdown Podcast. In this session I got the chance to sit down with a friend of mine and talk about Troegs Brewing. Mike Watters is a regional sales rep for Troegs and knows more about them than just about anyone else at the brewery (except the brothers, […]

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