Hop Profile: Chinook Hops


Chinook hops, like many other varieties was developed by the USDA hop breeding program in Washington State, making its debut in 1985. Chinook have a very high alpha acid content, which gives beers brewed with this hop a smooth, light bitterness that is far from harsh and usually very easy to drink. Because of this, […]

New Ice Cream Flavors from Victory Brewing Company

Two New Flavors Small[1]

Who doesn’t love ice cream, right? It’s creamy, cold, and delicious while being special every time. Beer on the other hand is cold, delicious, and just the thing that ice cream needs to go from great to amazing. This is where Victory Brewing comes in. The folks at Victory are releasing two new ice cream […]

PR: Firestone Walker Easy Jack is Back

firestone walker easy jack ipa

EASY JACK IS BACK Session IPA Now Available in Cans Year Round Thanks to Brewmaster’s Hallertau Hop Quest Paso Robles, CA— Firestone Walker Brewing Company launched Easy Jack last year as a different kind of session IPA, one with surprising complexity fostered by a rare selection of newer hop varieties from around the world. But […]