Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week 2014 – Wrap-Up

  Well, sadly it’s over. Another Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week is in the books and this, the third yearly week celebrating all things craft beer was easily the best one yet. I didn’t get to as many events as I would have hoped, but I still did something every day, and being the week before […]

Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week – Days 5 and 6

  “Work is the curse of the drinking class.” – Oscar Wilde   Truer words have not been spoken, and days 5 and 6 of Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week 2014 are my proof. Tuesday, day 5 of PCBW I sadly had to work so other than enjoying a great local craft beer after work, I […]

Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week – Day 4

Well, I’ve successfully made it through 4 days of Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week 2014. Not the ideal training regimen for a marathon, but probably the most fun one I’ve followed! I only attended one event for the 4th day of PCBW, but it was a very special one. Anyone who’s listened to my Podcast should remember […]

Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week – Days 2 and 3

Ok, just 2 days ago I promised I would post every day of PCBW 2014 and what I did for each, but a Penguins playoff game got in the way on Saturday, so other than having some great beer while watching the game, it was mostly event-free, which is why I combined days 2 and […]

Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week – Day 1

To everyone reading this that isn’t in the Pittsburgh, PA area NOT interested in Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week, you can skip this post, and the others like it this week. Since I live in the Pittsburgh area, this week holds a special place in my heart and liver so I’ll be talking about it for […]

Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week 2014.


 Note: This post is in regard to Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week. Since I’m a proud Pittsburgh native (well, the suburbs anyway) this is a big deal to me. As well as enjoying the week I also serve as the treasurer for the Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week/Alliance and am the webmaster/designer for the site. There’ll be a […]