CBA 002: The Shaker Pint vs. The Snifter


In this, the second episode of The Craft Beer Showdown, we pit the often-hated Shaker Pint Glass against it’s sleeker, more attractive foe, the Snifter. Who will come out on top? Listen to this episode to find out.


You can check out an example of the shaker pint here and the snifter here. Click past the link below to see some more pictures.

Click here for a transcript of this episode.

Here is an example of a Shaker Pint Glass:


And here is the Snifter:


  • Andrew Selby

    Love the classic look of a snifter!

    • Brian M

      I’m torn with this one. I still feel kinda snobbish requesting special glassware.

      • Andrew Selby

        I think it’s all relative to the environment. You’d also be snobbish asking for a plastic fork in Africa.

  • Greg Kirkpatrick

    I miss the big dimple mugs you used to see. Great for ale and bitter. Less so, stout or lager.

    • Craft Beer Academy

      I definitely agree. Same reason I liked the shaker, the feeling of a nice solid glass is nice sometimes.

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