Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week 2014.

 Note: This post is in regard to Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week. Since I’m a proud Pittsburgh native (well, the suburbs anyway) this is a big deal to me. As well as enjoying the week I also serve as the treasurer for the Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week/Alliance and am the webmaster/designer for the site.

There’ll be a few Pittsburgh-centric posts coming up in the next few weeks and while I apologize for them not directly affecting quite a few of you, everyone should be excited about a week of celebrating craft beer. Do you have a beer week in your town? If you do and want to write about it I gladly welcome the content and will help spread the word about that week, too. With that out of the way, here’s the show.


It’s almost that time again in Pittsburgh. The flowers are starting to bloom, cargo shorts and Pirates t-shirts are being donned in the 50-degree sunshine and best of all, it’s nearly time for Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week 2014.

This, the third year of the week of city-wide festivities is shaping up to be the best one yet. Major beer festivals are bookending the week with the Commonwealth Press Beer Barge starting things off on Friday the 25th and the Real Ale Festival capping it off on Saturday, May 3rd. My own personal end to the week will be the following Sunday when I attempt to run my second Pittsburgh Marathon after a full day of drinking cask beer.


While these two events start and end the week on a bang, there will be literally hundreds of events throughout the city and surrounding areas as bars, restaurants, breweries, and wholesalers/distributors all get in on the Craft Beer Week action.

We’re still a few weeks away from the madness but there’s already a solid lineup of events on the calendar and more being added every day. While it seems like all fun and drinking, Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week is a lot more. This week is all about involving Pittsburgh’s craft beer community and bringing attention to our local brewers and the beer they offer. We obviously look outside the city for beer as well, but at the core of the week is the local craft brewer and the local restaurants, bars, and other businesses that deal with craft beer. By going out to these events you’re helping to support an entire community built around the beer we love so much.


In short, Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week is about more than beer; it’s about all of us. Go out there and enjoy some beer and if you run into one of the people that helped make this week happen (which I am one of) give us a high-five. We all work for free and as the week gets better, our jobs become harder. So thank a brewer, volunteer, board member, or bar staff for helping make Pittsburgh a damn fine place to get a good beer.

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