CBA 023 – ShuBrew and #PCBW 2014


Some say that craft beer is all about how big your brewery is, and some say it’s all about the ingredients.

If you ask Zach Shumaker from ShuBrew in Zelienople, PA, he’ll probably say it’s all about the passion and love of brewing and making great beer.

Zach, a US Marine in a previous life, now owns and operates ShuBrew with his wife Erika and as far as I can see, they are the definition of craft beer. Around for just about a year now, ShuBrew has made quite the impression on the local beer scene with both their beer and their brewpub where pizza and homemade ice cream compliment the ever-changing beer lineup.

Check out session 23 of the Craft Beer Showdown where I get the chance to talk with Zach about what got him into craft beer, what’s kept him there, and what the future plans for ShuBrew are.

I purposely scheduled this Podcast to be recorded and come out during Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week 2014 because while Zelienople, PA is a little bit outside of Pittsburgh proper, they still chose to do a PCBW collaboration beer and get involved with PCBW just like the breweries within the city limits. If ShuBrew doesn’t represent what Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week is all about, I don’t know anyone else that could represent it better.



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